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When you’re in need of an air conditioning unit repair, installation, or replacement, the NATE-certified Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractors from Hot Water Solutions, Inc. are at your service. We pride ourselves on using high-quality products and delivering stellar workmanship to customers in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Regions of New York State.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance helps ensure that your A/C system is efficient, increase it’s lifespan and reduces energy costs. Keeping your system reliable during the warm summer months starts with annual maintenance services. When your system isn’t blowing cold air or you notice increased humidity in your home or office, call the NATE-certified professionals at Hot Water Solutions, Inc. to schedule an air conditioning maintenance service.

When it comes to air conditioning systems, many homeowners and businesses neglect to service until the system completely shuts down. However, there are many advantages to regular A/C maintenance that you may be missing out on.

Air conditioning maintenance offers the benefit of;

  • Increased efficiency and performance of your a/c system.
  • Extending the lifespan of your system.
  • Decreased likelihood of future problems or needs for repair.
  • Improvements to indoor air quality.

By performing routine maintenance service, our technicians are able to catch minor issues before they have the chance to develop into much larger, more expensive problems. We can also work to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency and power, keeping you more comfortable all year-round.

Air Conditioner Repair

When your A/C system is down, what seems like a minor annoyance can quickly turn into a major problem. With rising temperatures, it becomes extremely important that the safety and comfort of your family, pets, or coworkers have a functioning air conditioning system.

At Hot Water Solutions, Inc., we have been providing the Hudson Valley and Catskills with professional and reliable air conditioning repair services since 1996. Our NATE-certified technicians provide top-quality care for all makes and models of residential and commercial air conditioning systems. No matter the problem, our team will assess the issue, provide you with recommended solutions, and work to get your system up and running quickly.

Air Conditioning Repair Services include;

  • Refrigerant Replacement
  • Emergency Repair Services
  • Thermostat Repair and Replacement
  • High-Velocity Unit Repair
  • Heat Pump Repair & Replacement
  • Multi-Zone System Repairs
  • Central Air Unit Repairs
  • 24-Hour A/C Repair
  • Whole Home Filter System Repair
  • Humidifier/Dehumidifer Repair
  • and more!

Our professional and trustworthy team of technicians are standing by for all of your Air Conditioning Repairs. When your system is on the fritz, call Hot Water Solutions for a quick fix.

Air Conditioner Replacement

When air conditioners break down, there are many options to bring cooling back to your home or office. Repair costs can sometimes outweigh the cost of a new air conditioning unit or the system may be beyond the point of repair. In these cases, it is time to look into replacing your air conditioning unit. At HWS, we have been providing homeowners and commercial customers throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskills with outstanding Air Conditioning Services since 1996. Our expert, NATE-Certified technicians, help you understand your options and work with you to select the best A/C systems for your home or office.

While having proper maintenance and care for your a/c system regularly can greatly extend the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioning system, eventually, all air conditioners will need to be replaced.

Here are a few ways you can tell if it’s time to have your system replaced;

  • Your air conditioner is more than ten years old.
  • Your air conditioner is not energy-efficient.
  • Your a/c no longer keeps your home cool or comfortable.
  • Your a/c unit requires repeated or regular repairs.
  • You want to increase your energy savings.
  • Your a/c unit uses costly R22 Freon.

If any of the above issues sound like problems you have with your home or office’s air conditioning system, it might be time to replace your air conditioner. Modern, energy-efficient options are designed to last for many, many years, which can save you money on your utility bills and reduce the likelihood of frequent future breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless air conditioning and heating systems are gaining popularity with home and business owners because of the benefits that they have over traditional, forced air, systems. Hot Water Solutions, Inc. offers a complete lineup of ductless solutions in the Hudson Valley and Catskills including the installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement of new Fujitsu® systems. We know how critical your home or office’s comfort is which is why we’re available 24/7 for emergency repair services. We’re committed to our customers’ satisfaction and to the quality of work that we do.

Our professional and NATE-certified technicians will help you choose the ductless air conditioning system that is right for your home or office. We’ll explain the benefits of each system and what you can expect from transitioning or installing a new system.

Some benefits include;

  • Better A/C Efficiency
  • Zone Control
  • Minimal Disruption
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Easy to Maintain and Repair

If you think a Ductless Air Conditioning System is right for your home or office, contact us today to learn more and see how Hot Water Solutions, Inc. can get the job done on time and on budget.

Duct Cleaning & Installation

Dirty air ducts can result in poor health and higher energy costs. The professional, NATE-certified team at Hot Water Solutions, Inc. provide comprehensive duct cleaning and installation services to deliver substantial increases in system performance and air quality. When you want to upgrade your current ductwork or install new, our team of technicians will work with you to develop a plan that minimizes home or office disruption, while maximizing system performance.

Your ductwork is like the veins of the home. It transports air from place to place. When your ductwork is clogged, broken, or leaking, it can’t efficiently deliver the necessary air your home needs to stay cool or warm. Additionally, dirty ducts carry dust, bacteria, viruses, and more throughout your home and can cause major health problems.

Our team provides;

  • Duct Cleaning
  • Duct Repair & Installation
  • HVAC System Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning & Exhaust Repair or Replacement
  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning
  • and more!

If you notice increased dust and dirt in your home, a lack of forceful air, or think it could be time to modernize your ductwork, contact the professionals at Hot Water Solutions, Inc. today!

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