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When you’re in need of professional residential and commercial plumbing services, the licensed and insured Plumbers at Hot Water Solutions, Inc. are at your service. We pride ourselves on using high-quality products and delivering stellar workmanship to customers in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Regions of New York State.

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Emergency Plumbing Services

When you’re dealing with sudden, unexpected plumbing emergencies, having an experienced professional on-call can make all the difference. At Hot Water Solutions. Inc., we offer comprehensive emergency plumbing services for homeowners throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskills.

From burst pipes to serious toilet clogs to broken water heaters, our highly-trained plumbers are capable of quickly and effectively addressing any emergency situation.

Some common plumbing emergencies;

  • Burst pipes.
  • Shower and tub clogs.
  • Lack of hot water.
  • Broken water lines.
  • Serious toilet clogs.
  • Sink drain clogs.
  • Backed-up sewer systems.
  • and much more!

If you have an emergency plumbing problem, contact Hot Water Solutions 24/7 and we will respond quickly and on-time!

Water Heater Repair

You rely on your hot water heater to provide a multitude of home functions. From bathing to cooking, cleaning to heating, your hot water heater is one of your home’s most important components. When this system starts to malfunction or breaks down, you need to contact the experienced professionals at Hot Water Solutions, Inc. Our highly-trained plumbers can accurately identify the source of your water heater issues and get to work making the necessary repairs.

There are a few key signs that homeowners can look out for that may indicate a problem with your water heater. Identifying and addressing these issues right away can help you avoid larger, more costly problems down the road.

  • Your home currently only has lukewarm or cold water.
  • Your water heater is more than 10 years old.
  • The tank of your water heater has signs of rust or deterioration.
  • The water coming from your faucets is discolored.
  • There is a leak in the water heater tank.
  • There is sediment buildup in the tank of your water heater.
  • Your water heater has not been properly maintained.

When you need water heater repairs, you can rely on Hot Water Solutions, Inc. to get the job done right the first time.

Water Heater Replacement

Your water heater is one of the most important systems in your home. When it fails, you need assistance right away. At Hot Water Solutions, Inc., we offer 24-hour water heater services, including comprehensive repairs, replacement, and preventative maintenance. Our technicians undergo in-depth technical training and are well-equipped to handle an array of services for both electric and gas water heaters.

When it comes to technician training, no other plumbing company comes close to matching our extensive training programs. At Hot Water Solutions, Inc., our technicians undergo intense technical training. This provides our team with the ability to perform comprehensive water heater services using cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art technique.

We pride ourselves on delivering expert craftsmanship for both electric and gas water heaters of all sizes. If your hot water heater is acting up, contact Hot Water Solutions today!

Sewer & Water Line Inspections

For many homeowners, it can be difficult to tell whether or not you need sewer or water line repairs or replacement. These vital home systems are hidden under the ground beneath your property, making them difficult to inspect for ordinary individuals. At Hot Water Solutions, Inc., our highly-skilled technicians undergo rigorous technical and customer service training which gives them the necessary expertise to properly inspect your home’s sewer and water line. With over 20 years of experience and our reliance on advanced inspection techniques, we’re able to pinpoint even the smallest, most hidden problems. Once detected, our team can get to work making the necessary repairs or replacements.

Whether or not you are currently experiencing a plumbing problem, there are many reasons to schedule a sewer or water line inspection with a professional plumber. Not only can an inspection pinpoint the source of a serious problem within the lines, but it can also help identify minor issues that may need to be addressed before they develop into larger problems. At Hot Water Solutions, Inc., we recommend that homeowners schedule a sewer or water line inspection annually as part of their regular plumbing maintenance.

It’s time to schedule a sewer or water line inspection when;

  • Your home has a sewage backup of any kind.
  • There is standing water anywhere in your home or yard.
  • You notice strange issues, such as water backing up in the shower drain after flushing the toilet.
  • Your toilets, drains, and sinks are slow to clear.
  • You notice unusual and unpleasant sewer odors around your property.
  • You’re experiencing frequent or repeated clogs in your home.
  • Odd, gurgling noises are coming from the pipes or drains in your home.
  • You live in an older home and have not had an inspection recently.

At Hot Water Solutions, Inc., we are proud to offer efficient and effective sewer & water line inspections for the Hudson Valley and Catskills. Contact us today!

Sewer & Water Line Repair

A broken sewer or water line can cause extensive damage to your property, it also poses a serious health and safety risk for you and your family. It’s important that you enlist the assistance of a skilled plumber as soon as possible to address the issue before they worsen. For over 20 years, Hot Water Solutions, Inc. has provided local homeowners with outstanding comprehensive system repairs.

Sewer and water line problems are often unavoidable. If you notice anything unusual with your home’s plumbing, including unpleasant sewage smells, standing water, gurgling noises, or sewage backups, it’s likely that your main line is in need of repair or has a clog.

Here are some causes of line damage and clogging;

  • Tree roots growing into the line.
  • Ground movement/earthquakes.
  • Collecting hair and debris.
  • Corrosive chemicals washed down the drain.
  • Sediment collecting in the pipes.
  • Damage from digging or construction.
  • Foreign objects stuck in the main line.
  • Frozen or damaged pipes.

No matter the issue, our highly-trained technicians are prepared to tackle the job quickly and efficiently. From sewer line clog removal to main water line repair, we can ensure that your home’s vital plumbing systems are working properly and efficiently.

Furnace Installation/Replacement

In certain instances, sewer or water lines that are old or damaged, making repairs not possible. In these cases, you’ll need to completely replace your systems. There are a number of pros and cons to replacing your sewer or water lines and Hot Water Solutions, Inc. can help you understand your options. We offer a comprehensive range of sewer and water line services, including inspections, repairs, and replacement.

When dealing with a main sewer line issue, it’s wise to look at all of your repair and replacement options. There are a number of factors to consider, like;

  • The age of your pipes.
  • The material your pipes are made of.
  • The potential for future repairs.
  • The extent of damage to your pipes.
  • The long-term cost-effectiveness.

If your home’s main sewer or water line is damaged beyond repair, or the pipes are fragile, made of older materials, or prone to future damage, it may be time to schedule a full system replacement. At Hot Water Solutions, we will make the right recommendation for your home and your budget.

Well Services

If your water supply comes from a well, it’s important to make sure that not only the quality of the water is safe and healthy, but also that you have the appropriate products to guarantee fast, efficient, quality water flow for your home. Hot Water Solutions, Inc. installs, repairs, and maintains various types of well pumps to make sure that the water supply for your home is getting to you as quickly and easily as possible.

As professional and licensed plumbers, we are experienced in working with well tanks and pump controls, which regulate your home water flow. If your water isn’t flowing as quickly and as efficiently as it should be, our plumbing technicians can meet with you to determine the best plan to improve your well water supply and how effectively it reaches your home.

Hot Water Solutions, Inc. is ready to provide the services you need to keep your well and well pump in peak working order. Whether you’re maintaining an existing well or need to replace it, our professionals are here to help.

Sump Pumps

Your home’s sump pump is extremely important. Any homeowner knows how valuable a sump pump is during seasons of rain. The sump pump is responsible for preventing flooding and water damage by removing excess water from the lowest areas of your property. In order to ensure that your home is protected from flooding, it’s important to make sure that your sump pump is working properly year-round. At Hot Water Solutions, Inc., we offer comprehensive sump pump services, including maintenance, repair, and new sump pump installation.

Before scheduling sump pump services, test that your sump pump is working properly. Regular checks can help you avoid flooding due to a broken or malfunctioning pump.

You can simply test your pump by conducting the following tasks;

  • Check the sump pump’s electrical cords – After locating the sump pump, unplug its two cords from the electrical outlet. Next, plug in only the pump cord and make sure you can hear the pump running. Then, plug both cords back into the outlet.
  • Test the pump mechanism – Remove the lid from your sump pump and slowly pour water into it. The pump switch should immediately engage and begin removing water. Ensure that the pump fully removes all water and switches off. Repeat those same steps to ensure the pump works properly.
  • Clean the outdoor pump – Locate the pipe that drains from the sump pump and carries the water outside. Look into the pipe to ensure there is nothing obstructing the outflow of water.

If your sump pump fails to properly complete any of the tests above, or it simply does not turn on, it’s time to schedule your sump pump repair or replacement. Our HWS technicians will examine your pump for issues and make the necessary recommendation to repair or replace.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are incredibly frustrating. Not only do they prevent you from using your sinks, shower, tub, or toilet, repeated or frequent clogs can also be a sign of a much larger issue. If you need drain cleaning services, rely on the experts at Hot Water Solutions, Inc.

Drain clogs are one of the most common indoor plumbing problems. Over time, accumulated hair, soap scum, and dirt can lead to reduced water flow and clogs.

Other factors that commonly lead to drain clogs;

  • Washing foreign objects down sink or shower drains.
  • Flushing non-waste items down the toilet, such as feminine hygiene products.
  • Attempting to run un-approved items through the garbage disposal.
  • Accumulated cooking oil or grease in kitchen sinks.
  • Using too much toilet paper or quilted toilet paper.
  • Use of non-water soluble bath or shower products.

No matter the cause, a clogged drain can be a real headache for homeowners. While it may be possible to effectively address some clogs with the use of a plunger or drain-snaking, severe clogs will likely require the assistance of a trained professional. If you begin to notice repeated or reoccurring clogs, you may have a problem with your main water or sewer line. Contact Hot Water Solutions, Inc. today to solve your drain clogging issues.

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